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I don’t know about anyone else, but the violence in Gaza over the past three weeks has left me in something of a state of mental and emotional paralysis. Since the first Israeli strike in Gaza, I’ve been knitting birds … white doves, yellow birds, red birds, blue birds, birds, birds, birds,  … my personal vigil, to create an aviary for peace.

This evening, as a UN compound smoulders in Gaza City, all I can think of is how to use my hands, my needles, even my heart,  to memorialize the many lost civilians.

Green often symbolizes sincerity and hope, optimism, generosity, and renewal.  And misfortune.  I recently learned that green is associated with Islam.

Tonight I’ll knit a green bird, a TikkunTree leaf bird, a mourning dove, a mournful green dove.  Hoping for peace with every single stitch.


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