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With peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials happening, or not happening, ceasefires initiated, or challenged, prisoners of conflict exchanged, dead or alive, it’s been a roller coaster ride for months. And all the while I’ve been working on Judaica knits that might stimulate conversation and community, answering questions about the TikkunTree, and holding my breath in the hope of a breakthrough for peace, somewhere, somehow, sometime soon. Like a lot of others.

And in the meantime, there’s always a reminder that others are travelling in a similar path …

This week Knittah (on Ravelry, and her Tumblyday blog) shared photos of her contribution to the TikkunTree … a trio of lovely sculpted (double-sided) leaves (pattern available here) made from Araucania nature wool!

Thanks ever so much, Knittah. I’ll be looking for them to arrive in The Box soon.

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Every Friday afternoon since starting the TikkunTree Project, on my way home from picking up vegetables from the neighborhood green grocer (and sometimes a bit of yarn at my LYS, Sophie’s), I’ve stopped by the neighborhood post office to check The Box. My first post office box, with its very own over-sized keys. And the box has been empty every Friday.

Until this week. What a lovely surprise to find a parcel in The Box!

And what did it contain?

Three beautiful smooth double TikkunTree leaves …

and a lovely note:


Please accept these additions for your TikkunTree project, I met you at the Oct. rally on Market St. protesting the Iraq war – I am the guy that knits with the Quakers. I was inspired by your project to pull out some old dp’s and do some contemplative knitting. I have to say it was an exercise in patience to begin the leaves. I knit 3, one for each member of my family: me, my partner K. and our son S. I pray for a more peaceful world for all of [us] ad appreciate the vision and faith, such as yours, that moves us towards tikkun olam.

Peace to you and your family –

Jeff P, for KL and SL-P

Thank you Jeff! Your leaves are very lovely, and very beautifully knitted. They, along with their wishes for peace, will inspire many of us further.

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